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"Driving In Spirals" (2009)

  • "Driving In Spirals" was released in 2009. It was engineered by Steve Watson. Originally a 24 song 2 CD set, it was ultimately trimmed to a double length CD containing 19 tracks. Click on CD above to order at Amazon or order at CD Baby

  • "Resurrection of the Warlock" (compilation)
  • T-Rex tribute featuring:
    Jump The Gun, The Smithereens, Dramarama & others. This once out of print CD has been reprinted and now
  • looks like this:

    This T-Rex tribute featured a critically acclaimed Jump The Gun performance of "Telegram Sam"  that was engineered by legendary engineer Dave Still

    Online review that mentions JTG! 



    Past JTG releases 
    Jump The Gun was talked into releasing an EP with Jimmy as 'the single' by recording industry insiders.  "Jimmy" was released soon after the 24 song recording session in NJ was completed in 2001.  
    "Jimmy" EP 2001




    The material for their first full length effort, "Jump The Gun" was recorded in just under a week. Engineered by Steve Watson, Jed Rothenberg and produced by Steve Watson along with Doug Wardrope and occasionally even Kramer himself! 


                           "Jump The Gun" 96

    The first EP was recorded at Kramer's Noise New Jersey studios in 1995. It was the very beginning of Jump The Gun spreading their wings as an all original band. Steve Watson was the engineer as Doug Wardrope recorded what tracks he had written at this time. Present on this CD were: Doug Wardrope (Vocals, Guitar & Bass) Steve Plonk (Guitar) and Ken Snyder (Drums) 
    Jump The Gun - "EP" 95