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Long out of print '96 release of "Jump The Gun" CD gains small window of availability

Copies of "Jump The Gun" have been spotted on Amazon---

Recently while checking on the available quantities of the new Jump The Gun "Driving in Spirals" CD we noticed that the "Jump The Gun" CD appears for sale on Amazon. While some are new, and some are used it is shocking to see it available at all considering it has been out of print for at least a decade. This CD is the one that made the biggest splash for JTG and remains strong as a discussion point at shows. Go get your copy today before this little batch of a dozen or so are all gone...again


JUMP THE GUN is recording again!

It's true, JTG is back at it!

After completing a brand new control room last year, Doug, Rob and Jim are now down to the business of recording.
The title for the upcoming CD is
"Hello Rain", named after one of the strongest tracks presented in these new recording sessions that began in earnest last year. The songs with working basic tracks already completed include:
Hello Rain
Pretty Thoughts
Thin Red Line
Movin' Away
Is It True?
Talk Behind My Back
Without A Doubt
Other tracks in which recording is planned include - Around Here; Reason To Live; Sister; Wait So Long; Beggar & Queen; Too Hard to Live With.