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Click on the folders to see some of the pictures collected over the years that Jump The Gun has been out and about! 

Ski Roundtop 2011 Ski Roundtop 2011 Recording 2011 Recording 2011 McClearys Public House 2011 McClearys Public House 2011 Live Free PA 2010 Live Free PA 2010 Live Free PA 2009 Live Free PA 2009
Field House 2009 Field House 2009 Chameleon Club Lancaster PA Chameleon Club Lancaster PA Brenns York PA Brenns York PA Altland House 2011 Altland House 2011

Photo credits:
Chameleon and Header    = Doug Schlemm
Live Free PA '09 & '10       = Roger That Photography
Brenns Pub                       = Timothy R Copenhaver
McClearys Public House    =  Mark Lizambri
Ski Roundtop                    =  Michael Ray Testerman
Recording 2011                =  Doug Wardrope
Field House                      =  Michael Ray Testerman