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Jump The Gun is the most unique trio in central PA.  Like a chameleon, Jump The Gun is prepared to play large or small intimate venues at the blink of an eye. Worried about volume issues?? JTG has single handedly popularized the idea of fans being able to have a conversation in the same room the band is playing in. This makes club owners VERY happy.  Check out JTG's schedule for shows near you.

Doug Wardrope
Doug has been at the forefront of JTG for quite some time. Doug's versatile vocal ability and mix of stripping the guitar parts to their essence has brought the band to the place that they are at.
Instead of slowing down, Doug has seen the band gaining momentum over the past couple of years to become quite a local favorite! The area of popularity for Jump The Gun continues to spread as the schedule of events can attest to!
Doug has worked with the band through different configurations over the years, but couldn't be happier over the current lineup that has been Jump The Gun for the past 6 years.

Jim Gordon
Jim is one of those people that everyone seems to know. Every place we play, no matter where we end up, someone comes up to Jim and says, 'I don't know if you remember me or not but ....'
Jim is one of the premiere talents of Central PA. Jim is one of the very limited amount of bass players that can actually sing well, even while holding down an intricate bass line! Jim regularly uses Rickenbacker and Hofner basses.
Jims' love of music and enthusiasm for playing is easily noticed at any of Jump The Guns' shows. Any day that Jim is playing on stage, he has a smile on his face.

Rob Braden
Not only is Rob a world class drummer, he is JTGs' class clown. Hearing Rob play at JTG live performance is a real treat. If you are lucky you will also get to hear him play his 'power kazoo' when he morphs into "The Angry Bee Horn Section".
Jump The Gun is known for being flexible when it comes to equipment configurations in for their shows. Rob is no exception. If JTG is playing a smaller more intimate gig, Rob utilizes a state of the art Roland electronic drum kit.  If it's large event, Rob pulls out a wonderful sounding Maryland drum kit.
Whether Rob is keeping time with his Roland electronic drums or up there on the big stage with his Maryland drum kit, Rob can't be beat. Ultimately, Robs' sense of timing and dynamics has become the soul of the band.